Empower your Staff to:

  • Manage, track and measure citizen requests without spending phone time.
  • Respond to citizen questions online—and add to the public knowledge base so citizens can get the answer with no staff time needed next time (FAQ's).
  • Quickly post documents and events (Documents, Calendar).
  • Increase public participation by emailing timely information to interested people.
  • Generate class rosters, reservation lists, financial summaries, and other reports.

Empower the public to:

  • Report a problem,(i.e.)  like a pothole or nuisance neighbor with tall grass, and track progress from start to finish.
  • Get the answer to a question (FAQ).
  • Find a specific document or form (Documents).
  • See what's going on in town or get details on a specific event (Calendar).
  • Sign up for newsletters or other informative emails (Subscriptions).
  • Register for a class or event online (Parks and Rec).

Paperless eGov:

A little tech process reengineering and just the right mix of eGov applications ... gives you a new web-enabled process that saves you time and lots and lots of paper. That's our definition of our Paperless eGov.

Take registrations for simple licenses like drivers and business licenses/renewal. They consume staff time and are burdensome for constituents. We provide solutions that are designed to eliminate or make applying for these permits and licenses super super-simple for the citizens residents and citizens in the diaspora and at the same time, reduces data entry by government staff. Data can always be made accessible to the public.

  • Available for a growing number of items including press releases, applications, renewal s and business licenses.
  • Select submitted licensing information can be published to your website via search and mapping interfaces
  • Easier for residents to comply - drives revenue